Admit it – you think about it. As you are stuck in that horrendous rush hour traffic anxious that you might not make it to work this time. As you are headed to an important engagement and you see the road ahead is littered with red lights as an accident blocks passage. As the jaunt to Grandma’s come holiday time turns into a test of your highway fortitude.

Larry Page Wants To Change The Way You Travel



And It May Look A Little Something Like This



A flying car. We’ve all wanted one. Since the days of the Jetsons and all those shape of things to come future shock epics, we’ve wanted to sit inside a makeshift cockpit, pull out of our driveways, and enter the airspace for some boundary free ‘driving.’ While many companies are scrambling to make this dream a reality, at least one entrepreneur claims his version will be ready this year. As in 2017!

This Is The Kitty Hawk Prototype Flying Car



Larry Page, one of the founders of the world’s largest search engine and web destination, Google, has unveiled plans for his Kitty Hawk vehicle, a sort of “jet ski” for the sky. The prototype weighs a mere 220 pounds, does not require a pilot’s license to operate, and can reach speeds of 20 mph. So, it’s not really a personal jet prepared to travel from coast to coast. Instead, it’s more of a flying motorcycle, though the current mock-up will definitely undergo many design changes before release.

It Is Simple To Control



And Doesn’t Require Special Skills To Operate



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