In this day and age of free agency, oftentimes teams and fans are deeply hurt when a longtime player leaves for another team.

Case in point? The backlash Kevin Durant got last summer when he signed with the Golden State Warriors.

Fast forward one year and KD is an NBA champ and was named the Finals MVP and Russ was the league’s MVP.

It does hurt fans and organizations when a guy has been with you through the mountains and the valleys and for whatever reason decides to call a new city “home” and new teammates “brothers.”

Jerseys get burned and sometimes front office personnel don’t have the nicest things to say about the guy. It’s become the status quo.

That is not the case in Memphis.

After eight seasons in Memphis, Zach Randolph is heading to Sacramento.

There were no hard feelings or ill will thrown his way. In fact, the Grizzlies did one of the classiest things an organization in this situation has done: It thanked him.

The gesture didn’t end with just a tweeted photo captioned “thank you.”

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