Kobe is arguably the second-best shooting guard in NBA history, behind Jordan.

He earned five rings over his incredible 20-career Laker career and was notorious for his focus and work ethic.

One of Kobe’s most memorable postseasons was 2010 when he torched the Suns in the Western Conference Finals and dropped 17 points in six minutes against the Celtics in Game 5 of the title series.

Naturally, if you own anything from that ’10 postseason that has to do with Black Mamba, it stands to reason you think it would be worth a ton, right?

Not so fast.

A guy took his signed Kobe Bryant warmup jersey from the 2010 NBA Finals to Pawn Stars in Las Vegas and asked for $25,000.

Rick, the show’s main character’s, reaction to the asking price is pretty funny.

Check Out What The Warmup Jersey Is Actually Worth:

It wasn’t a slam dunk for this guy, but at least we got a pretty cool history lesson on how sports memorabilia is authenticated and valued!

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