Again, the Globetrotters are pure, unadulterated family fun – something that we probably don’t have enough of anymore.

But there’s something else to these guys and gals – their talent is pretty sick.

Trick shots are all over the Internet, thanks largely in part to groups like Dude Perfect, who can seemingly take any sport and blow your mind with the most unthinkable shots, goals, and hits. But the Globetrotters were the original Dude Perfect.

What Will “Bull” Bullard pulled off last year in Wildwood, New Jersey is pretty amazing, so how would “Bull” and the Globetrotters top it this year?

By shooting the ball out of a helicopter over 200-feet into the air.

Check Both Feats Out:

In an attempt to boost the hype for the Globetrotters’ December 27 game at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, the Arena’s official Twitter account tweeted the video with an inviting message.

The Globies took the opportunity to stay true to form and called out LeBron James.

Who wouldn’t want to see the King attempt that? The question is how many people think he could make it?

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