You’d think LaVar Ball would be feeling pretty good Wednesday.

The team he and son Lonzo would like to draft the UCLA standout, the Los Angeles Lakers, drew the second pick in June’s draft in the NBA Draft Lottery Tuesday night.

Rumors began circulating that teams were calling the Lakers about a trade for their current point guard and rising star De’Angelo Russell, which would pave the way for Ball to be the team’s brightest star if he is to be selected by them.

But a rare appearance on FoxSports1’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Ball was anything but in a good move.

Six minutes into the interview, things took a turn for the worse when the subject of the Ball family’s apparel company, Big Baller Brand, and the $495 price tag of their debut sneakers, the ZO2’s, came up.

Cowherd asked Ball how many of the shoes he had sold, Ball didn’t give a clear answer, so co-host and respected sports reporter Kristine Leahy asked a follow-up question about the amount sold.

Ball refused to turn to look at Leahy and responded with “Stay in your lane,” while putting his hand up toward Leahy and directed at Cowherd, “I don’t worry about her over there.”

Cowherd then pointed out to Ball that Leahy was a reporter and was doing her job. Ball told him “she can report to whoever she wants behind her.”

Leahy again tried to engage but LaVar replied to her that she was a hater.

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