This has been an usually active summer for the NBA’s biggest and brightest stars.

Steph Curry, #ChinaKlay Thompson, and Dwyane Wade all took trips to China, LeBron James has done anything and everything you can possibly think of, Paul George moved 740 miles southwest to Oklahoma City, Chris Paul and James Harden are being absolutely ridiculous in Drew League, Damian Lillard has two singles on the NBA 2K18 soundtrack, and Kevin Durant and his NBA Finals MVP trophy are just clapping back at folks on Twitter.

As strange as Joel Embiid’s feud with LaVar Ball last month was, something popped up over the weekend in Miami that was even stranger and honestly, a lot more entertaining.

No, we’re not talking about LeBron James’ DJ skills either. We are talking about one member of his former team, the Heat, though.

James was in Miami for a basketball event LeBron, Jr. was a part of. Yes, the video of James making clubgoers sing “YMCA” is definitely entertainingbut Heat center Hassan Whiteside maybe had an even better weekend than the King.

Whiteside was lights out on the court but it appears his detective skills off the court could use a little work.

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