The Internet, like most everything in life, has both its good and bad points.

If you ask anyone in their 40’s or older, they’ll tell you they thought they’d never see the day when you can pay bills online instead of mailing a check to the local utility company every month.

These Days Are Over


Of course, there are other reasons the Internet is awesome like cat videos and not needing to properly fold a road map (Seriously, it was impossible).

But there are downsides too.

Work It, Girl!


Cyber bullying is one of them.

Bullying has been around forever, but the Internet allows it to flourish like mold. It’s too easy to hide behind a keyboard whilst spewing words of hate and negativity at someone. It’s also a form of bullying to troll someone, which happens all day every day across the globe.

It all just needs to stop.

Is This Getting Worse?


What we’re bringing you now definitely leads to the good part about the Internet.

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