As the NBA Draft quickly approaches, teams are beginning to work out their top targets, with many of the top prospects only working out for the team they intend to get drafted by.

A couple of weeks ago, the big question was would someone offer the Celtics enough for Boston to trade away Markelle Fultz the No. 1 overall selection? That question has likely been answered.

On June 22nd, the world will find out if LaVar Ball was right all along about son Lonzo going to the Los Angeles Lakers. Rumors began heating up last week that Los Angeles could possibly take a pass on the former UCLA standout, but the younger Ball seemed to clear up any concerns people possibly had about the Lakers not being huge fans of his dad.

Some people still aren’t sold. The Lakers were as glowing about Lonzo’s workout as say the Suns were about Malik Monk’s.

Philadelphia will make their third No. 3 pick in four years, thanks to swapping with the Kings as payment on a Nik Stauskas trade – among others – from 2015.

They haven’t brought in any top prospects, yet, but they plan on it in the coming week – minus Fultz and Ball.

For the most part, these workouts haven’t changed our latest mock draft, but one unfortunate situation did.

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