In 2001, Reebok (which is owned by Adidas) began to outfit the NBA. Five years later, its parent company signed an 11-year extension with the Association, putting themselves in the forefront of the uniform deal.

And they did until they announced in 2015 they would not be pursuing another deal with the NBA, citing in a statement that it wasn’t as lucrative for Adidas as they had hoped.

So Nike swooshed in.

Starting this season, Nike will be the new logo seen on the jerseys – in addition to the nine teams that have found ad partners and will wear a patch on their uniforms starting in 2017-18.

So far, the teams who have found a partnership deal are the 76ers (StubHub), the Kings (Blue Diamond Almonds), the Celtics (GE), the Nets (Infor), the Jazz (Qualtrics), the Cavaliers (Goodyear), the Magic (Disney), the Timberwolves (Fitbit), and the Raptors (Sun Life).

Nine out of  30 teams is a pretty low number, but there’s still a few months to go and these deals take time to work out for both parties, so you will be seeing ads on many more Nike uniforms come October.

Ads Will Be A Thing Now

The confusion lies in a few areas.

Most notably, people want to know how their favorite team’s logos and uniforms will change.

Secondly, people want to know why not all of the teams’ new uniforms have been released. That one is simple: it’s an ongoing process.

The 2017-18 season is a few months away and it is a little shocking that only a handful of teams’ new looks have been released.

The biggest change of all 30 teams is that they are no longer regimented to wear white jerseys at home and their color uniforms on the road.

Flip over for the new jersey classifications and to see a few teams whose new looks have been leaked!

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