It may seem like it’s taking forever for the NBA to reveal the new Nike uniforms for the upcoming season and that’s because it really is taking an unusually long amount of time for this sort of thing.

When Nike took over outfitting the NFL in 2012 they made a huge deal about it. The same thing happened in June when Adidas took over the NHL contract.

This time ’round, the league is allowing the teams to decide how and when they reveal their new Nike-branded gear.

The season starts in less than two months and we only have nine teams who have unveiled their new look which means the remaining 21 teams should be revealing their new Nike unis at a fast and furious pace.

The oddest thing about who has released their new jerseys and who hasn’t is the Charlotte Hornets.

Because they are owned by Michael Jordan who famously has his own brand under Nike, the Hornets will wear Jordan-branded uniforms with the “Jumpman” logo instead of the Swoosh.

These unis are clean and the Jumpman on it looks dope. Nice job, Jordan.

However, the Jordan brand is basically the crowning jewel of Nike, so wouldn’t you think the Hornets’ uniforms would be the 30th to be unveiled?

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