Three-on-three basketball is really picking up steam.

First, rapper/producer/actor/visionary Ice Cube announced his Big3 League in January and although it may have been pushed to the backburner at the time, the more press Cube did about it, the more people got hyped for it.

The Big3 is Ice Cube’s start-up league which consists of former NBA greats who play in 3-on-3 tournaments.

These aren’t your average run of the mill guys, either.

Dr. J (Julius Erving), Charles Oakley, Clyde Drexler, Gary Payton, Rick Barry, George Gervin, Rick Mahorn and Allen Iverson are the team coaches.

Let’s face it, there was one player in particular the fans want to see and that’s A.I. It’s a good thing that he is also a player on his team, 3’s Company.

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