When O’Shea Jackson, begtter known as Ice Cube, announced that he would be starting his BIG3 Basketball League most people thought the same thing, “They’re going to get washed up former NBA players to play, and they’ll use their fame make a profit.” The actuality of the venture is nothing of the sort. This is a serious league with serious talent, and while it may feature retired players, that doesn’t mean they’re washed up at all.

This wasn’t something Cube rushed either. He’s been cooking this venture up slowly, and has all the pieces set up to assure its success. The idea to do it has been there, the plan was set in motion, and all it took was some believing. Per Bleacher Report Ice Cube said, “After Kobe retired I was like, ‘Man this dude scored 60 points his last game, but it’s over.’ And why? Because of the wear and tear of the NBA—82 games, plus playoffs, back-to-backs. I was like, ‘What can we do to still see these dudes play and take out the wear and tear?'” Now he doesn’t have Kobe, but he does have some serious star power.

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