While most Americans were celebrating Independence Day, Oklahoma City Thunder fans were left speechless. The one man they thought would bring them home a championship announced his intentions to sign with the Golden State Warriors. Kevin Durant’s move was received negatively by the public and NBA analysts, who compared this to the LeBron James departure in 2010.

On July 7, Durant was officially introduced to the Warriors organization where he signed a two-year, $54.3 million contract. Durant helped lead Oklahoma City to the 2012 NBA Finals, losing to the Miami Heat in five games. He played nine seasons for the Thunder before going to the Warriors.

This past season, the Thunder defeated the Spurs 4-2 and advanced to the Western Conference Finals where they faced the Warriors. Despite going up 3-1 in the conference finals, the Thunder were eventually defeated 4-3 by the Warriors to be eliminated from the playoffs. Because of where he is going, fans had no problems making hilarious memes about the move.

Ouch, That’s Cold


His Mom’s Excited About It Though…


And His New Teammates…


Durant is just looking for respect from his former teammates and fans.

“I want you to respect my game and what I bring to the floor, and if you don’t like what I do as a person, I don’t care. I want you to respect my game and if you don’t, that’s your problem,” he said in an interview to The Vertical. “But I don’t want to be liked. If somebody says, ‘KD’s a bad person,’ I’m not going to go in my home and boo-hoo tears. If you don’t like my game, I’m going go work on it and prove people that I am who I am, so it’s a difference.”

Nothing But Broken Hearts


No Love From The Fans Anymore


Do you think he made the right move? Are the Warriors guaranteed to win the NBA Championship next year?

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