Like most reports and rumors these days, it began with a simple Tweet.

What so many basketball pundits all along have said: The best place for Chris Paul is in San Antonio, seems to be legitimate.

At least, the Clippers believe it is.

The Tweet sent a shockwave throughout #SportsTwitter and #NBATwitter, if almost like people were waiting for a confirmation to drop.

That one tweet spurned many and even some savvy Photoshop memes, which came out a little too quickly.

It’s where everyone wants to see Paul end up, and it makes sense.

The Clippers’ identity is in limbo.

They could lose Blake Griffin if he exercises his player option.

They haven’t been to the Western Conference Finals since Paul arrived from New Orleans in 2011.

Why wouldn’t the idea of this era’s greatest 1, running the point in San Antonio where he’d have Kawhi Leonard – one of this era’s greatest 3’s on wing?

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