It’s not easy being an NBA wife. Sure, your husband makes a ton of money but you don’t see him for basically half the year (if he plays on a good team).

Unless you’re Ayesha Curry, you’re not a superstar. You are a normal girl that happened to fall in love, marry, and start a family with a guy who is really good at basketball.

The internet criticism of your husband break your heart and make you want to jump to his defense, but you know that even though you aren’t famous, your hubby is and there are trolls that will pick up on whatever you say.

Which is exactly what’s been happening to Gordon Hayward’s wife, Robyn.

See that image above? That’s from Robyn’s Instagram account. The post has since been deleted because someone informed her it wasn’t a good look.

Robyn is a smart cookie. She knows what she’s doing.

Gordon will be a free agent in a matter of weeks and the hottest rumors have been that he’ll be reunited with his Butler coach, Brad Stevens, in Boston.

The second image? Yup, that’s deleted now, too.

Look, we’re talking there’s a lot of money on the line; possibly $120 million is at stake. So, what is Robyn’s motive for the now-deleted posts?

Is she posting a not-very-clever cryptic message? Is it completely innocent? Is Robyn Hayward trolling both Celtics and Jazz fans?

Time will tell, but this is a perfect example of how nothing ever really gets deleted from the Internet.

The C’s have the No. 1 overall draft pick and they could get Hayward, too.

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