For three years, Leonard Fournette terrorized collegiate defenders with his rare blend of size, speed, and power.

Right out of the gate, Fournette’s college career began with extraordinarily high expectations and hype after Fournette was considered the No. 1 recruit in the country.

In Week 9 of his freshman year, LSU met the undefeated and No. 3 ranked team in the nation, Ole Miss, who was leading the nation in stopping the run in 2014. Fournette bounced back from an early goal line fumble and went on to rush for 113 yards on 23 carries and added two receptions for 41 yards. Fournette ended his freshman campaign with 1.024 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Fournette Made Scenes Like This Happen Often

Something else happened that first year at LSU: the comparisons to other great running backs, namely, Adrian Peterson.

Throughout history, college players have been compared to NFL backs and it doesn’t happen as frequently and abundantly as the time leading up to the NFL Draft. It’s to be expected; everyone needs a measuring stick when it comes to how they stack up.

Does Fournette Stack Up To Peterson?

But before the NFL Combine the first week of March, before the Heisman Trophy talk, before the school records, Fournette was compared to Peterson.

Both players have that unique combination of shrugging off defenders or carrying them with them as they quickly make it down the field.

Around ‘Em, Through ‘Em, Carrying ‘Em –┬áTake Your Pick

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