For the casual basketball fan, or someone who doesn’t even watch hoops but catches all of the daily highlights on network TV, the name Gregg Popovich might just mean “That basketball coach who always looks mad.”

You’d be correct; on the surface, Popovich definitely is not one to mince words or sugarcoat anything.

But it also appears that he has a soft side.

Coach Pop And The Late Craig Sager Had A Special Relationship

Sure, when you are one of the greatest coaches in basketball history and have won five NBA titles and have been named Coach of the Year three times, your way must be working, so who are we to question it?

But that’s not all the man is.

He doesn’t show it often, but Coach Pop has a soft side. When beloved TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager succumbed to a long and brave battle with cancer late last year, Popovich spoke eloquently and emotionally about the man he called a friend.

But, it appears he also has a softer side when it comes to quietly and without fanfare making hardworking people’s lives a bit easier.

Last year, Coach Popovich left a very generous tip for a server. The waiter’s friend posted the proof on Twitter:

It turns out he’s done it again.

Flip to Page 2 to see the enormous tip Coach Pop left a server recently…

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