NBA fans are counting down the hours until the refs blow the whistle, toss the ball in the air at center court, and the season is officially underway.

The 2017-18 campaign is overflowing with storylines, all of which you already know, but tonight – when the opening tipoff happens in Cleveland, those storylines will be intensified.

Game 1: Boston at Cleveland, 8 pm

Obviously, the biggest story is the Kyrie Irving trade from August. Cleveland has been pretty tight-lipped about the whole thing while Irving…well, he hasn’t been.

He’s said he didn’t tell LeBron James about his trade request on First Take, which caused a huge stir (no one still knows why; maybe because Irving didn’t let the King in on his plans?) then said that he’s excited to be “playing in a real, live sports city.”


The Cavs brushed it off and decided to take the high road.

That’s really taking the high road.

Unfortunately, one of the key players in the trade that sent Irving to “a real live sports city” Isaiah Thomas won’t be starting tonight. In fact, he likely won’t play until some time toward the All-Star break. Who will play the point in his absence?

Derrick Rose.

Crazy the way things work. Rose was the MVP in 2011 and was poised to be one of the greats. Then the injuries started piling up and his hometown Bulls sent him to New York. That didn’t work out, despite some pretty decent numbers for DRose last season and now he gets to play alongside one of the game’s greatest of all time.

For $2.1, the vet minimum, but still.

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