Often times, pro athletes get a bad reputation.

Some athletes hold out on team activities because they’re waiting for a new contract. This angers a lot of fans because the majority of them – regardless of sport – make extraordinary amounts of money as it is, so fans will take to social media to call players “greedy.”

Truth be told, athletes want to be paid the proper going rate for their chosen sport and position, just like you and everyone else you know.

LBJ Has The Highest Salary For ’16-17 At $30.9 Million

Do athletes sometimes do dumb things to get themselves in trouble with the law?


And yes, there are the athletes that go far past “dumb things” and do things that are absolutely, without question, horrible.

Greg Hardy’s Reputation Took A Nosedive After He Was Charged With Assaulting His GF

But for every one athlete that may get in the news for something negative, there are thousands. Yes, thousands of them that do amazing things in their community – both in the hometown they grew up in and their new adopted city.

In fact, some of those athletes that you may think are spoiled or greedy actually do a lot of charitable work, too.

J.R. Smith Holds Several Charity Events Every Year, Including A Golf Tourney

It’s something everyone who follows sports should hear about more from their local news and the Internet.

That’s why you’re here.

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