There’s is supposed to be something called parity in the NFL.

Bascially, this means that the league attempts to take steps to ensure all 32 teams are on a level playing field.

Unfortunately, if you follow pro football, you know that it doesn’t work out that way.


Year in and year out, the same teams make the playoffs with a handful of those teams always favorited to win it all.

The New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers are always at the top of NFL pundits’ lists to make it to the Big Game, while other teams are constantly at the bottom of the basement.


One of those teams is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jags haven’t won more than fives games in a season since 2010. In order to level the playing field, the NFL awards draft picks based on a team’s record in reverse.

So, the teams with the least amount of wins drafts first, while teams like the Patriots who barely lose five games season after season select later in the order. Parity!


Obviously, the system doesn’t always work out that way, considering Jacksonville is always a team choosing within the top-seven or so picks. That would mean that, theoretically, they’re drafting the best players.

New England, theoretically, would be drafting players that aren’t of the same caliber as the Jaguars’ picks. It would all even itself out, theoretically.

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