The NBA season hasn’t even started yet – and won’t for two more months – but new Rockets teammates James Harden and Chris Paul are already the gift that keeps on giving.

You don’t have to be a Houston fan, or even a fan of these two players, to appreciate them – although who doesn’t like Chris Paul?


The Rockets are heavily favored to be the team to unseat the Warriors in the West and with good reason.

They’re coming off a 55-win season, Mike D’Antoni was named Coach of the Year, and Harden gave Russell Westbrook a run for his money in the MVP race.


Of course, the Rockets fell to the Spurs 4-2 and Harden finished second place in the league’s Most Valuable Player voting.

But since acquiring CP3 in a trade prior to the Draft, all eyes have been on Houston’s backcourt this offseason.

We first caught a glimpse what we can all expect from these two dynamic guards during the famed Drew League in L.A. last month when Harden and Paul’s chemistry was so in sync, it’s like they’ve played together for years.

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