There are a lot of strange sports out there that many people may not be as familiar with as they are basketball or football.

Mostly, these sports occur in another country, on another continent.


Sports like “Cheese Rolling,” which is a legitimate competition in the U.K.

Basically, a large cheese wheel is rolled down a steep hill and a ton of competitors race after it. The first person to get to the bottom wins the cheese.

That’s it.


Another “fun” sport/game/competition out of the U.K. is “Shin Kicking.”

It’s…well, it’s exactly how it sounds. You kick your opponent’s shins.


Strange sport isn’t just isolated to our friends across the pond; Asia has tons of bizarre sports that we’ve never heard of, even though they may be right up America’s alley.

Take, for example, Sepak Takraw, which is essentially volleyball without using your hands.

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