Not every person who appears on Jeopardy! is a sports fan, even though the long-running game show always asks sports questions.

It’s almost as if these smarty-pants contestants think they don’t need to brush up on any sports-involved trivia because, “How hard can sportball questions be?”

Apparently harder than one contestant imagined.

Eat Your Heart Out, Amy

Now, let’s back up. Jeopardy! is reserved for those people were are inclined to retain useless information, while Wheel of Fortune has three contestants who were really good at “Hangman” growing up or know the difference between vowels and consonants (and even that can be a struggle sometimes).

Essentially, you don’t expect Jeopardy! contestants to make these kinds of blunders:

Remember Julian?

But one Jeopardy contestant made a pretty big faux pas recently and her answer has gone viral.

The final jeopardy question answer was: “The animal on this NBA team’s primary logo peaked about 75 million years ago.”

If you think about it for 10 seconds, the answer question should be pretty easy.

Canadian Alex Trebek Was Not Amused…Or Was He?

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