After winning his first title and taking home the Finals MVP award, Durant got into some back-and-forth banter with his haters on Twitter.

Instead of letting it go he just kept going after them, basically all summer long.

And so, like Redditors do, they did some research and found out that Durant has a burner account he uses to fire his clapbacks when he doesn’t want to take direct credit for them. The account? @QuireSultan.

Then the savvy Twitter detectives searched far and wide and realized KD made one crucial social media mistake: He forgot to log out of his verified public account, @KDTrey5, when he felt like defending “himself” to a user who asked why he left OKC.

Crazy, right?

Embiid couldn’t just sit back and let KD off the hook so he decided to fire his own nonsense tweet directed at Durant’s private @QuireSultan account.

So how does the Twitterverse know this is Durant’s burner account?

SB Nation’s Tim Cato said Reddit users noted that Draymond Green and Andre Roberson followed it and that Durant’s brother tagged the account as him.

Cato also did some research of his own and discovered “Quire” and “Sultan” are streets in Capitol Heights, MD where Durant grew up.

What a wild NBA offseason, indeed.

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