If you’ve never heard of comedian Lil’ Duval before now, you’re about to know all about him.

Lil’ Duval was a finalist in BET’s Coming to the Stage in 2005 and has appeared on several MTV series since. Most notably, he’s the guy responsible for creating the term “basic b****.”

He’s also the comedian that got his ankles broke in a celebrity hoops game over Labor Day weekend.

Every year during the first weekend in September, rapper Ludacris holds his annual LudaDay in Atlanta. It’s become basically a Labor Day staple in the ATL as some highlights and hilarity have ensued for the past 12 years the event has been held.

The highlight from this year even has Kevin Durant taking notice.

After a follower responded that KD should add Wall’s now-viral crossover to his arsenal, Durant was pretty honest in his follow up.

KD’s response is a little NSFW, so we’re editing it and posting the clean version:

“John fast as s*** so he stop on the dime and it’s over. I can’t do that, I got the mini snatch lol.”

So what did Wall do to have one of the best basketball players in the world tweeting about it?

Flip over to Page 2 for the sickest crossover you’ve seen in a while….

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