The hot keyword in hoops these days is “superteam.”

It seems to be all anyone has talked about since the NBA Finals began.

Who’s considered a superteam, who isn’t? Who thinks they are one, and who is adamant they aren’t.

Derrick Rose Says Knicks Are A Superteam

The media has been dissecting them, too.

“Was the 2010-2014 Miami Heat the first?”

“No, you’re forgetting the Showtime Lakers!”

“Then the Pistons’ Bad Boys were a superteam, too.”

“Mid-90’s Bulls. Definitely a superteam.” 

“Nah, that was all Michael Jordan.”

The Bulls Ruled The School In The 90’s

See, any of those teams could be considered a “superteam” by today’s standard. There just wasn’t a term for it.

2012 Lakers Are One Of The Most Disappointing Superteams Ever

Now, it makes sense for the media to pick up the narrative and run with it. That’s what happens when a league with 30 teams is dwindled down to two in the Finals; all sorts of meaningless talking points get brought up.

But then the media starts asking the players on those two Finals teams about it and they get a little defensive.

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