Kevin Durant opted out of his final year on the deal he signed with Golden State a year ago, but it was only a formality and the league – and everyone else – knew it.

What they didn’t know was that Durant would take such a drastic pay cut for his NBA champion teammates to stay in Oakland.

$53 million is a whole lot of cash, but it still isn’t close to what Durant would have gotten in he legitimately tested the free agency waters.

Money wasn’t his driving force, winning was. And let’s face it, he doesn’t need to sign a max deal with anyone. Why? Because of his Nike deal.

Not only is Durant’s signature shoe one of the best-selling sneakers in the world, but he is No. 3 on the list of biggest payouts from shoe deals, pocketing $25 million last year from Nike.

None of that changes the fact that KD is worth way more than the $25 million he’s slated to make next season.

In fact, the Finals MVP who’s also one of the greatest players on the planet will be the 13th highest paid player in the league next year.

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