Keyshawn Johnson was an NFL wide receiver for 11 years with the New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys, and Carolina Panthers.

Throughout most of that timespan, he was a polarizing figure.

After his football career was over, he went on to be an on-air studio analyst for ESPN.

Guess what? Johnson was a polarizing figure there, too.

Something changed the public’s perception of Johnson in 2014 when the Super Bowl XXXVII champ had a run-in with pop singer Justin Bieber in Calabasas.

The story goes that Johnson had one of his kids in his car in his gated community when Bieber sped past them in his Ferrari.

Johnson was pretty mad, so he dropped his kid off then headed out to Bieber’s house. Johnson blocked Bieb’s Ferrari with his Prius (let that sink in) but Bieber ran inside and eventually, the police came out and handled the situation.

Suddenly, Johnson wasn’t such a bad dude in people’s eyes.

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