The Warriors were in town last weekend and had the day off after beating the Nets 118-111 the night before.

Thompson was casually walking down the street when he was stopped by NYC’s Fox5 News.

Sunday, the same day as the Golden State – Brooklyn matchup, scaffolding collapsed in Manhatten’s SoHo neighborhood, injuring five people, which is likely what prompted Fox5 to hit the streets to get New Yorkers’ thoughts on the construction equipment looming above their heads.

But Thompson isn’t a New Yorker, is a Los Angeles native, plays on the West Coast and was literally only in town because his team was playing in Brooklyn.

Watch Klay Give Scaffolding Advice:

In all fairness,┬áThompson did give some pretty sage advice for avoiding scaffolding and Fox5 did at least put the graphics up showing who they were talking to, it just seems a bit odd that out of the 8.5 million people that live in The Big Apple, Fox5 happened to find the one guy that doesn’t have anything to do with the city to talk about the┬ácity’s scaffolding problem.

Even Klay Thinks It Was “Interesting:”

Maybe it’s time to retire #ChinaKlay and start a new nickname: #ScaffoldingKlay?

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