If you could sit down for a few minutes and listen to two people talk about their evolution to greatness, who would you choose?

Regardless of your answer, listening to Kobe Bryant and Kendrick Lamar wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Kobe is one of the greatest players in the history of basketball.

When he retired in April 2016, Bryant had amassed five NBA championships, made 18 All-Star rosters, was a 15-time member of the All-NBA Team and was voted to the All-Defensive Team 12 times.

He was a two-time scoring champion, ranks third on the all-time regular season scoring list and fourth in post-season scoring.

He holds the NBA record for most seasons played with one franchise for an entire career and the first guard in league history to play for at least 20 seasons.

To call Kobe “great” is an understatement.

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For Kendrick Lamar’s part, he is one of the most respected rappers in hip-hop both for his artistry and his storytelling.

He categorizes his music as “human music,” with razor-sharp lyrics that preach social justice and change.  President Obama invited K-Dot to sit down and speak with him about these issues before he left office. He was listed by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in 2016.

He has seven Grammys, an ASCAP Vanguard Award as a composer, two civic awards, countless VMAs, Billboard, BET, iHeart Music, NCAAP Image awards and countless others.

In total, Kendrick has 61 awards and 152 nominations. Like Kobe, to call Kendrick “great” is also an understatement.

Who wouldn’t want to listen to what made these men who they are; how they strived for the greatness they achieved and how neither one is finished climbing the mountain?

Complex figured out that there aren’t many people who wouldn’t be inspired by listening to these two men, so they put them together on stage to talk about those exact topics.

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