Kobe Bryant has been a busy man since he retired from the game of basketball. It’s not like we didn’t expect that. Anyone that’s built a legendary, Hall Of Fame career with their obsessive work ethic isn’t just going to sit on the couch for the rest of their life, but Kobe is finding a way to continue show his competitiveness… Just in different ways now.

The Storyteller!

He’s found his passion off of the court, and that is story telling. In his most recent project Musecage, Kobe brings along his Sesame Street like puppet named Lil’ Mamba to talk about drive and motivation. In the video they get to talking about MVP candidates, and Kobe may have given away who he thinks deserves tte award. If there’s anyone who knows something about MVPs, it’s Kobe Bryant.

Black Mamba and Lil’ Mamba!

Check out Kobe’s hint to his MVP choice on page two!

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