We’ve said repeatedly here on SportsHeist that the weeks leading up to the NBA Draft have a lot of smokescreens and information changes rapidly.

Very rapidly.

The Draft will take place on June 22nd and the rumors and reports are flying around in rapid succession. Right now, teams are holding their cards pretty close to their chest as they try to make draft trades and deals with other organizations as quietly as possible without information being leaked out.

Is Lonzo Out Of Shape?

Some teams use the media to their advantage by placing little seeds that can become a smoke and mirror show for the rest of the league. Professional sports is a competitive business and any edge – even something as miniscule as leaking info about choosing one forward over another – is significant.

Case in point: Lonzo Ball’s workout with the Lakers.

The Lakers sent out one pretty mundane tweet about the visit without any hoopla or fanfare. It was basically the organization stating a fact.

It almost seemed to fall in line with what was reported last week that there were rumblings that the Lakers may actually pass on Lonzo Ball, although we suggested you take it with a grain of salt.

Compared to the way the Celtics handled Markelle Fultz’s workout, which came with an ESPN film crew in tow, they were almost glowing about the Washington standout.

The Lakers gave the standard “Went well” response, which didn’t help the rumor mill from churning.

Then the bombshells began to drop.

Flip over to Page 2 for the reports about Josh Jackson that may give credence to the “Lakers pass on Lonzo” narrative…

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