If you believe everything you’ve read about the drama in the NBA recently, you’d think there is an epidemic running rampant in the league: Garbage Time.

Essentially, “garbage time” is the last few minutes of a blowout when the winning team is usually resting their star players and just trying to run the clock out. Fans on both sides begin to file out of the arena and folks at home turn the channel.

That’s what usually happens anyway.

But lately, on three separate occasions in the last three weeks, fans have had a reason to stay tuned in.

Booker Makes History

On March 24th, Devin Booker became the youngest player to ever score at least 60 points in a game and only the sixth player in history to reach at least 70. Many people believe the Suns helped those numbers along with fouls and timeouts late in the game so the 20-year-old could enter the record books.

Phoenix lost the game 120-130 and never really had a shot to win, so they might as well get something out of it. Booker’s historical night was what they got.

McGee Makes Jennings Mad

And boy oh boy was Jennings salty afterward.

“It was already disrespectful that they were trying to get Draymond Green a triple-double, Steph (Curry) was out there with 40. I’m old-school. He better be glad he shot that three and didn’t go to the rack.”

JaVale McGee has attempted nine treys in his entire nine-year career, wasn’t phased at all by the incident and even told reporters after the game that he was happy Jennings pushed him:

“I’m glad he pushed me to tell you the truth,” McGee said after the Warriors’ 11th straight win. “Like say he didn’t push me, right? I would have air-balled it and it would have looked horrible. See what I’m saying? So, shout out to Brandon Jennings.”

Stephenson Makes A Fight Happen

Which leads us to the latest episode: NBA journeyman Lance Stephenson’s layup on April 4th.

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