The Big Baller Brand’s plan is working out the way they said it would; Lonzo is a Laker.

All of the what if’s, rumors, negative press, smokescreens don’t matter anymore.

They traded their 2015 second overall pick to bring in this year’s.

Everyone is happy.

Lakers President Magic Johnson is thrilled. Lonzo Ball is thrilled. LaVar Ball is thrilled. LakerNation is a little split – and that’s okay.

They’ll come around if the LakeShow makes the playoffs.

Because LaVar guarantees they will.

LaVar has said it on more than one occasion over the last few months: If the Lakers draft Lonzo, they will make it to the postseason.

The Lakers need it, they have not been very good as of late and getting to the playoffs would restore a lot of faith into the franchise.

There’s only one small problem with LaVar’s guarantee: outside of the Lakers organization, the Ball family, and LakerNation, not many people agree.

Las Vegas certainly doesn’t.

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