This is all brought up because we saw over and over again that LaVar Ball is actually helping his sons, not hurting them.

LaVar Ball supporters believe(d) that he was a maverick of sorts that wouldn’t settle for anything less than what he felt his kids were owed.

That’s all fine and good except Lonzo’s season with the Lakers is two months in and his next-youngest, LiAngelo was arrested in China for shoplifting with two other UCLA teammates (we’re not even touching the feud he found himself in with President Trump), and his youngest, LaMelo was the subject of an NCAA inquiry about impermissible benefits after LaVar announced to the world that he had his own signature shoe through the family’s Big Baller Brand business.


The Lakers aren’t any better so far than they have been in recent memory and rookie Kyle Kuzma, who was drafted by Brooklyn with the 27th pick then traded to L.A. as part of the De’Angelo Russell deal, has more people talking about his on the court play than Lonzo.

UCLA suspended LiAngelo, then LaVar pulled him out of the school for good. Telling ESPN: “We are exploring other options with (LiAngelo). He’s out of there.”

LaMelo may not follow in his big brothers’ footsteps because rumor has it UCLA is done with the Ball family after LaVar pulled LiAngelo off campus. And you know, that whole NCAA inquiry about the impermissible benefits.


The Lakers can’t control LaVar Ball, but they can limit his antics when it comes to what he says to media members about the team.

L.A. announced that they will now be enforcing the “LaVar Ball Rule” which

What it means is that credentialed members of the media are no longer allowed to loiter in the family-and-friends section of the arena after games, according to ESPN’s Chris Haynes.

Family, friends and agents wait for players in the seats behind the basket closest to the visiting team’s locker room at the conclusion of games. Interviews conducted in that designated area and near the tunnel leading to the arena corridors are now forbidden.


This essentially means that the media won’t be able to bait Ball into a headline-grabbing soundbite after games. Ball has criticized Lonzo’s teammates for not getting his son the ball enough as well as head coach Luke Walton, who has been pretty patient with the whole Ball Family Circus.

The time for waiting to see how his sons are affected by his loudmouth demeanor may be over. The time may have come for people to admit that he is hurting his sons more than he is helping.

Things could finally be getting quiet on the LaVar Ball front.

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