There has been a close relationship between hip-hop and hoops for decades.

Kurtis Blow released “Basketball” in 1984 and as you’d expect, the title gave away the premise of the song. Rapper Master P (aka Percy Miller) tried out for the Hornets and when that didn’t pan out, tried out for the Raptors the following year. That didn’t end the way Master P envisioned his basketball career would either, so he signed a one-year deal with the San Diego Stingrays of the International Basketball League.

Lil’ Bow Wow made the movie Like Mike, which was a cute fantasy kid’s movie about playing ball like Michael Jordan.

Lil’ Bow Wow Remade “Basketball” In 2002


Jump ahead to this era and Jay Z owned a piece of the Brooklyn Nets and Barclay Center where they played, but since sold his shares.

Drake could be the most visible rapper when it comes to hoops today.

The Airball Heard ‘Round The World – Or At Least The Rupp


Not only is the Drizzy a huge Kentucky Wildcats supporter, he’s also the “Global Ambassador” of his hometown Toronto Raptors.

(To be fair, no one seems to actually know what this job entails, but Drake was reportedly upset that the team changed its logo without consulting him two years ago)

It turns out there’s another hoops-to-hip-hop – or vice versa – relationship that tops Drake’s bromance with UK coach Jon Calipari.

King Of The Court, Lord Of The Dance


LeBron is a huge hip-hop fan and it seems that the hip-hop world loves him back…

Flip to Page 2 to see LeBron go nuts while Kendrick performs!

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