Being LeBron James’ kid is probably not the worst thing in the world. Not only would you never need for anything, but your dad is the best basketball player on the planet.

You also get some pretty cool perks.

James threw his son Bryce a 10th birthday party over the weekend and it was out of the realm of anything you’ve probably ever seen.

James and his wife Savannah converted the backyard property into a mega sports complex for Bryce and his friends.

LBJ Doesn’t Even Show Mercy To Kids

The guests enjoyed football, soccer, and of course, basketball.

While the kids were playing soccer, LeBron and Savannah joined in the fun by running out with water balloons and starting an all-out battle with the pre-teens.

They also learned first-hand what it feels like to get dunked on by King James.

Check This Out:

It’s good to see LeBron having fun again after he was clearly disappointed the Cavs lost to the Warriors in the Finals.

Parties usually cheer people up and it’s well-documented the James’ throw some pretty sick ones!

This Was Their Halloween Party:

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