It’s reported almost weekly how savvy of a businessman LeBron James is.

The man is not only an extraordinary basketball player, but he’s made incredibly sound financial decisions.

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He’s in Year 15 of his illustrious career and you’d have to think, despite him still being arguably the best player on the planet, that he is in the final quarter of his career.

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This leads to many fans and hoops pundits trying to figure out what LeBron will do once he is retired.

Although Cavs fans may not be too keen on the thought of No. 23 not dressing up in the wine and gold, his venture after he hangs up his Nike LeBron’s may be a major consolation.

LBJ has made $200 million just playing basketball. It’s rumored he receives $30 million guaranteed annually as part of his lifetime contract with the sneaker megagiant. He also has many other endorsements and business partnerships.

In total, James raked in a cool $86.2 million last year.

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