The regional rounds of the Little League World Series are in full swing as 11-13-year-olds around the country are trying to solidify their spot for a trip to Williamsport, PA.

The games are televised nationally on various ESPN channels and have their fair share of controversy every August.

We’re not going to get into the politics of the Little League World Series; you can find enough debates over whether or not major sponsors and networks are exploiting kids for the almighty buck all over the Internet.

We’re not even going to delve into all of the scandals over the years which have involved everything from players’ ages to where they actually reside.

What we’re going to share with you is the game in the purest form.

For every controversy and scandal and cry of exploitation, there are still those 11-13-year-olds who play baseball simply because they love the game.

Some of them are just vastly better than others.

Flip over to Page 2 to see the insane feat a 13-year-old pulled off Sunday…

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