Just like he prophesized it would happen, LaVar Ball’s son Lonzo was selected second overall last Thursday in the NBA Draft by their hometown Lakers.

If you assumed that Lonzo’s first public appearance at the STAPLES Center would be over the summer at an open practice or scrimmage, you would have assumed incorrectly – although, it’s a logical assumption.

No, Lonzo’s first public appearance as a Los Angeles Laker at the STAPLES Center was on Monday night’s WWE RAW broadcast.

Because that makes perfect sense right?

If you are wondering where his outspoken father is, don’t worry; he was there too with Lonzo’s younger brother LaMelo in tow.

Let’s just saw the entrance was…awkward.

Let’s backtrack a bit.

Over the weekend, rumors began to fly that LaVar would make an appearance on the long-running show. Then, Monday morning, the cat was let out of the bag.

It’s an interesting choice for the Ball Family when you think about it.

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