With the 2017-18 NBA season fast approaching, we’ve been getting you ready for it with all sorts of lists and galleries throughout the summer.

Some have been just for fun, while others have leaned toward the serious aspects of hoops.

We’ve been through the best players at every position all-time and are sifting through the endless numbers to find out who the best are right now in the NBA.

We’ve run through centers, power forwards, small forwards, and are now giving you the guys running the point.

Players that play hybrid positions (James Harden, for example) are not included because we needed a standard to go by and we used the position Basketball Reference has them listed at. The players who played less than 1,000 minutes last season are also excluded, like Jeremy Lin, who for the record had a great season. For a catch-all metric for the players’ defensive stats, ESPN’s Defensive Real Plus-Minus was used.

10. Eric Bledsoe

Team: Phoenix Suns
2016-17 Stats: 21.1 PPG,  6.3 APG, 4.8 RPG

Again, this is based on numbers. If we were doing a Top 15, Kemba Walker, Kyrie Irving, and Jrue Holiday would be 13-11, but we’re not. Lillard and Irving should be talked are close to the same – both have high usage rates, ranking third and fourth, respectively. Where they both struggle is on defense. Bledsoe and Walker are also comparable but don’t have the high shooting percentage as Lillard/Irving, although they rate out better defensively. When it comes to DRPM, Holiday ranks the highest but lacked the efficiency in shooting.

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