Generally speaking, football players are pretty strong dudes. Stronger than the average man, really. Think about it: they chose a profession where their job is to workout, then either run other guys over (sometimes, this includes carrying these guys with them) or stopping the other guys from moving down the field.

Of course, there’s more to football than just mowing guys down, but stick with us here.

It’s not a stretch to say that some of these guys are stronger than others. Typically, the defensive players tend to be stronger than the kickers, offensive guys are quicker, and so on.

Basically, whatever your skill set is, that’s the part of the team you concentrate on.

Do you have great hand-eye coordination and are pretty nimble? Wide receiver. Strong arm with accuracy? Quarterback. Strong leg with accuracy? Kicker. Good field of vision, fast, and can squat half a ton? Running back.

Okay, not every RB can squat a half-ton, but LSU’s can.

Derrius Guice is a physical freak of nature in every sense of the word. Back in March, the Baton Rouge native squatted a ridiculous 583 pounds.


As it turns out, he was just getting started.

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