Everybody is lucky, it’s just not always going to be good luck that strikes. For the man in this story, it’s a little bit of both.

At most professional sporting events, the stadium will have what’s called a “50/50 Raffle.” For those not aware what that is, it’s a lottery type drawing where half of the money raised by selling raffle tickets goes to charity, and the other half goes to the person holding the winning ticket. At a sporting stadium, the money raised adds up quick.

In the case of Clayton Hinkey, the single father holding the winning ticket during an Edmonton Oilers game, the prize was worth $67,692.50. His ticket was selected during the October 1st game, but Hinkey forgot about it and missed his 48 hour window to claim the prize. He remembered he purchased one on Oct. 4th.

“It was like a long day at work and then I’m like, ‘Holy man I won this’ and then I was pretty pumped up and then it was a crushing defeat after that.”

He contacted the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission and posted a message to the team on Facebook, asking for an exception to be made. Luckily for him, they had a change of heart.

“After a thorough review of the matter and through partnership and consultation with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC), this one-time exception is being made to award the 50/50 prize,” the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation said in a news release.

That money is sure to help him and his 4-year-old son. SHARE this on Facebook, and spread the good news!