A lot of dreams were realized last Thursday at the NBA Draft; 60 to be in fact. There are other dreams that will be realized too over the summer in the D-League, and some dreams will be short-lived due to injury or just not translating to the NBA.

It’s a myriad of emotions and will continue to be as long as the National Basketball Association exists.

For a select few, that dream will pay off and they will have an illustrious career, be an All-Star, break records, and win championships.

Some will even be the catalyst for turning a lowly team into a contender. All of those things describe what the Sixers believe they got when they drafted Markelle Fultz with the first pick of the 2017 NBA Draft.

They also got a pretty special kid off the court, too.

He isn’t flashy or showy, he isn’t overconfident. He’s just Markelle Fultz.

This is the kid that was very humble after his workout with the Celtics, specifically after he and coach Brad Stevens had a film session together.

Fultz wasn’t defensive at all and was very candid about Stevens critiquing his play.

“It’s good to hear [criticism]. That’s what I’ve always wanted to hear, ever since I was younger,” Fultz said. “I don’t really like to hear the good stuff; I try to hear what can make me better because that’s something I can work on.”

Fultz said Stevens was honest in pointing out both the positive and negative to his plays, but that the overall message was finding ways to improve at the next level.

“[Stevens noted] little stuff about playing defense, better ways to help me,” Fultz continued. “[He highlighted] offensive stuff he liked that I did, the way I come off screen and rolls and different stuff like that. Also, stuff I can improve on on both ends, stuff I did good on the defensive end, too. It was both good and bad.”

But Fultz is quite happy being a 76er. In fact, before the trade between Boston and Philly went down, Fultz canceled his second workout with the Celtics after meeting with the Sixers.

Is it being No. 1 that has him stoked or crispy chicken sandwiches? Flip over to Page 2…

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