He never took one step onto an NBA court as a player, and yet LaVar Ball is the most polarizing figure in basketball.

Since the NCAA Tournament, Ball, whose son Lonzo was a UCLA standout for one season before being drafted second overall by the Lakers in June, has made ridiculous claim after ridiculous claim.

When [insert basketball player, either past or present] responds to one of his comments, his go-to response is that they [insert basketball player, either past or present] needs to talk about him to stay relevant.

Like over the weekend with Shaquille O’Neal.

To get you up to speed, when Big Baller Brand came out with their $495 ZO2’s, O’Neal basically said Ball was stealing from kids.

There was a brief back-and-forth and all was forgotten about (Ball has since had several other feuds since then, it’s kind of hard to keep track of them all) until Ball was asked about Shaq and his son, Shareef who is heading to Arizona this fall.

Listen, this is just nuts.

At Washington State, Ball rode the pine putting up 2.2 points, 2.3 rebounds, and 1 assist. We won’t even get into Shaq’s stats over his 19-year career, but there’s a reason he has four rings and is in the Hall of Fame.

So, Shaq gave us the best reply to Ball’s claim that he and LaMelo would beat Shaq and Shareef in the form of a diss track.


(If you’re wondering, that’s the instrumental to Meek Mill’s single “Young Black America” Shaq is rapping over.)


Okay, so Ball responded like you knew he would, per Overtime:

“He gotta put my name in whatever he doing, elsewise everybody forget about Shaq.”

No. No one is going to forget Shaq if he doesn’t make diss tracks about LaVar Ball.

Anyway, the biggest and most ridiculous claim Ball made was back in March when he brought Michael Jordan’s up.

Head to Page 2 to see MJ’s long-awaited response!

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