If you’re growing tired of how good the Warriors and Spurs are year in and year out and are having a hard time getting into this year’s Western Conference Finals, the coaches may be able to help.

Not help as in make the Golden State–San Antonio series more exciting – although for many people watching two excellent teams battle it out on the court isn’t exactly boring – but help you be more interested just by being them.

Brown Was Pop’s Assistant On The Spurs From ’00-03

The Warriors’ interim head coach Mike Brown, whose filling in tremendously for Steve Kerr while he heals from on-going back issues, is one of the nicest coaches in the sport.

Even after losing his job (the first time) as the coach of the Cavaliers in 2010, owner Dan Gilbert was quoted as calling Brown’s firing a “mistake.”

Rumor Had It LBJ Had Grown Weary Of Brown

Gilbert put his money where his mouth was because he hired Brown back in April 2013 after spending time coaching his son’s team in Ohio.

Before that, Brown was infamously fired by the Lakers after just five games in 2012.

Brown’s Firing In L.A. Was The Quickest In NBA History

But people like Brown.

Media, fans, coaches, players, owners, front offices all show a lot of respect for Brown.

He showed why during ESPN’s massive layoffs last month when Brown found out that the guy that covered the Warriors was one of the staff members let go by the network.

It’s hard not to like a coach who cares about people the way that Brown always comes across as doing.

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