There’s a lot of stories about people showing the true Christmas spirit by showing random kindness to strangers or by providing meals or clothes to those less fortunate.

But these stories of generosity during the holidays aren’t just reserved for everyday people; celebrities and athletes get in on the Christmas spirit as well!

One man in South Jersey made headlines for being a Secret Santa of sorts for some folks who had their Christmas gifts on layaway at a Cherry Hill Toys R Us.

Charlie K. paid off 62 people’s orders to “give back to his community.”

But it turns out, another pair from the City of Brotherly Love is showing their neighborhood some generosity this year, too.

Twin NBA stars Marcus (Celtics) and Markieff (Wizards) Morris were raised in North Philadelphia by a single mother who, like most moms, think her sons are the best.

It’s hard not to agree with her after the amazing kindness Marcus and Markieff showed their old neighborhood this week.

Despite two different crazy schedules this time of year, the twins were able to organize something pretty special for patrons of a Northeast Philly Wal-Mart: They paid off their layaway orders.

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