If you pre-ordered NBA 2K18, you’re one day away from your long-awaited video game, which looks to be even more lit than last year’s edition, which was pretty darn lit.

The rest of the population, who now may be regretting their decision, will have to wait four more agonizing days to get their hand on a copy.

Insiders, game designers, and even 2K Sports themselves have been slowly trickling leaks about the game for some time now and just before the game hits shelves, or pre-order customers’ hands, they’ve got one more leak in store: the new Nike “statement jerseys” or “Athlete mindset” as they’ve also been called.

29 teams have now revealed their new Nike Association and Icon jerseys but the Athlete Mindset uniforms were the most intriguing since they carry influence from the players. which is a welcoming creative feature after the NBA decided to place business advertisements on the front of the uniforms.

Of course, the Hornets are the lone team that did not reveal a Nike look because they will be rocking the Jumpman icon on their jerseys, not the Swoosh.

Thanks to NBA 2K18, we now know what’s in an athlete’s mindset – at least when it comes to the uniforms they want to wear.

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