By all accounts, Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka have done a great job as NBA front office newbies.

Except for that one time when Magic Johnson went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and told the country that he was after Paul George.

Maybe the Pacers saw it and kept it in their back pocket, you know, just in case.

Here’s A Refresher:

Then George met with Indiana brass and told them he would not be returning in 2018 and that he would like to play in his hometown Los Angeles.

This would have probably been when the Pacers put their hand on that back pocket…

It’s never been confirmed if Magic was subtweeting about the George news, but as Sports Illustrated pointed out, the tweets were just a few minutes apart.

At this point, Indiana’s front office had to be wondering what exactly was going on.

It’s also a possibility that the constant George talk by Magic is one of the reasons they took what many perceive to be much less than they should have from Oklahoma City in exchange for George or that they felt their hands were tied; could they have thought they had something coming to them, perhaps?

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