This year’s race for the MVP of the league is as close as any in the history of the NBA. For starters you have the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook, in his first season leading the team without the departed Kevin Durant, becoming the first person since Oscar Robertson to average a triple-double. On top of that, his 31.9 points a game leads the league. It also looks like he’s going to break Oscar’s record of 41 triple-doubles in a season as he currently sits at 40 with six games to play. Many believe he is the best choice for the award.

There’s also a strong contingent of people who believe that James Harden is the clear-cut choice for MVP. He’s having a career year leading the Houston Rockets to the third best record in the West. His 11.2 assists a game leads the league, he averages 29 points a game, and – not to be too far outdone – is also averaging eight boards a game. Any other year and it wouldn’t be a question. We also can’t forget the stellar seasons Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James are having.

Regardless of who wins, as they’re all deserving in their own way, the winner won’t find out until June 26th. That’s after the Finals and after the NBA Draft. The NBA will host its first every award show to honor this season’s players. Some believe it’s because the Players Association started giving out their own awards last season, others believe it’s to avoid what happened in 2007 when Dirk won the MVP right before getting bounced out in the first round by the 8th seed. We’ll see how it all plays out, but one things for certain… We’ll all be waiting, especially the front runners!

An MVP Breakdown

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